In case you do not get a visa you can always ask for the refund of the tuition fee you paid for the course. 

Please remember that in order to get the refund you have to send two documents to our school:

1. The person who paid the fee should write a formal letter to the Director of Polish Language Centre for Foreigners at the University of Lodz.

In this letter it must be written:

- for whom the payment was made: name and surname

- who paid the fee: name and surname

- bank details: address, SWIFT/ IBAN codes and the bank account number of the person who paid for the course – it must be the same number from which the payment was made.

The letter must be signed by the person who made the payment. The signature has to be confirmed as the authentic by an embassy officer or a notary public

2. The original letter from the embassy stating the refusal of the visa


These documents must be sent to Poland by the traditional post to the following address:

Studium Języka Polskiego dla Cudzoziemców

Kopcińskiego Street 16/18  

90-232 Lodz